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Kelli Conte
Parent Liaison Board Member
The Board of Directors for LLT Academy Inc. represents a diverse mix of professional women and men who offer a vast amount of wisdom to the direction and vision of the school. Each Board member is chosen based on their experience and passion to serve their community and the desire they have to see a student's life improved.

As a Board, they set policy for the Academy and assure that all aspects of the vision are meeting a level of excellence. The CEO reports directly to the Board for all functions of the academy, including:

Academy Excellence and Continuous Improvement of all Students
Personal Performance
Fiscal Responsibility
Parent Relationships
Safe School Environment
Professional Development of all Staff
Legal Requirements and Issues

The Board of Directors can be reached by emailing to:
[email protected] 

Jack Metz
Board Chairman
Kelli Conte
Parent Liaison

David W. Magann
Marcus Spicer

Olga Nasthas

The Board of Directors can be reached by email to:
[email protected]